Why Photos in Newspapers Matter

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and they are absolutely right. That is why you, as a reader, find yourself engaging more with news posts that are supplemented with a high dose of good images. Have you ever wondered why?

They Provide Context:

The best thing that a photo does for an article or news report is that it provides the necessary context for the viewers to understand the story completely. Reading about something that happened countless miles away from you, without any visual aid to help you feel more engaged with the event, isn’t something many people like to do. That is why you see newspapers and magazines these days including more and more photos.

They Attract Attention:

A headline written in bold and italic fonts doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as a well-taken photo does. That is one of the biggest reasons so many people are now moving away from reading newspapers to getting their news from social media. There are, however, many newspapers and magazines that recognize the value of good images and incorporate styles like monochromatic and HDR photography (click here to learn more about HDR) to attract their readers’ attention.

They Really Are Worth a Thousand Words:

A photograph provides a much more digestible amount of information than text can. Written text does have more detail in it than a photo has, but a photo invites a reader to analyze a scene subjectively as well. Having a photo next to detailed text is the best way to make a news story interesting because of this reason, and is probably why you find yourself more focused on articles with images in them than those without.

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