Why Photos in Newspapers Matter

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and they are absolutely right. That is why you, as a reader, find yourself engaging more with news posts that are supplemented with a high dose of good images. Have you ever wondered why?

They Provide Context:

The best thing that a photo does for an article or news report is that it provides the necessary context for the viewers to understand the story completely. Reading about something that happened countless miles away from you, without any visual aid to help you feel more engaged with the event, isn’t something many people like to do. That is why you see newspapers and magazines these days including more and more photos.

They Attract Attention:

A headline written in bold and italic fonts doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as a well-taken photo does. That is one of the biggest reasons so many people are now moving away from reading newspapers to getting their news from social media. There are, however, many newspapers and magazines that recognize the value of good images and incorporate styles like monochromatic and HDR photography (click here to learn more about HDR) to attract their readers’ attention.

They Really Are Worth a Thousand Words:

A photograph provides a much more digestible amount of information than text can. Written text does have more detail in it than a photo has, but a photo invites a reader to analyze a scene subjectively as well. Having a photo next to detailed text is the best way to make a news story interesting because of this reason, and is probably why you find yourself more focused on articles with images in them than those without.

Take Perfect Newspaper Photos

So we’ve previously mentioned how the Netherlands still sees a lot of sale in the world of print media. Many people still find physical newspapers and magazines useful as their source of news. So what can you do as a publishing company to make sure that your readers get the best possible experience while reading your magazines? You can use better photos.

Photos are the Key

The reason so many people these days don’t like reading newspapers is because there is simply too much text and not enough visuals. Visual elements make a much greater impact and generate a much higher interest in a reader’s mind. That is one of the biggest reasons why online news sources are so popular these days. So be sure to include relevant and good-looking photos in your news articles if you want them to grab people’s attention.

HDR is a Great Way

HDR photography is one great way to incorporate well-exposed and creative, but not over-the-top, photos in your articles. This technique can especially come in handy when taking photos of buildings, landscapes or cityscapes. What you need to do for an HDR photo is to change your exposure slightly for at least two (ideally three) shots of the same scene. One exposure should cater for the highlights and one for the shadows. Then you use something like Aurora HDR and combine these photos to generate one image that has all the best parts of the individual photos combined.

Photos Should Look Good

Newspapers are known for photos that look like they came out of a camera from a decade ago. Why not spend some time to actually edit and process the photos to make them look appealing?

Ask your photographers to use their knowledge and expertise to take photos that appeal to the audience. No, not every news story has to have a photo with a blurred out background and vibrant colors, but it might do you well to do that for some of the more casual and happier articles. So in order to compete with digital sources of news, you need to try and make your newspapers and magazines look better to the audience so they actually grab a copy when they see it.